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How to Get Your Manuscript Read

So you have put in hours, days, weeks, or even months of hard work to perfect your manuscript, and it is finally finished for the entire world to see. You may deservedly allow a brief moment of congratulations for your considerable achievement, but for writers that are serious about getting published the real hard work is only just about to begin. With so many people competing to win professional publishing contracts it is guaranteed that the competition to get your manuscript read is now tougher than it has ever been before. It is your job to get your manuscript read by as many different people as possible, so get ready for some shameless self-promotion and make sure to invest in some cheap printer toner ink and prepare to print your master piece for the masses.

Approaching Literary Agents and Publishers

Nowadays, there are very few publishers that will accept unsolicited manuscripts from unknown authors. As such, most new writers try to get an agent who will negotiate with publishers on their behalf. The Writers and Artists Yearbook has a list of all the publishers and agents in the UK. There should be a copy in your local library and it is a good idea to study the companies in the book and pick out agents that may be interested in taking on your work. If you are contacting a literary agency, most require you to send them a short covering letter (including a synopsis) and the first three chapters of a manuscript. You will need plenty of cheap printer toner ink as most people print off these documents at home.

Going Indie

However, there are an increasing number of writers who advocate shunning traditional publishing methods. The rise of ebooks has caused a major shakeup in the literary landscape. Platforms such as Amazon Kindle have ensured that writers can publish manuscripts on their own without eliminating their chances of having their work read by customers from all over the world. Likewise, print on demand technology allows authors to distribute printed manuscripts to friends and family without having to pay huge production fees. If you work hard, the sky’s the limit.

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