M A U R E E N   B I A G I
A N C I E N T   T E C H N I Q U E ,   C O N T E M P O R A R Y   V I S I O N




MAUREEN BIAGI is a medievalist with a degree in Religion, concentrating on 7th-9th Century Irish monasteries and manuscripts. She has married two passions - the history of religion with the study and practice of early medieval Irish art, especially the book arts. She is graduate of the CUNY BA program at Hunter College, NY and has studied medieval manuscript illumination and calligraphy with Karen Gorst, privately and at the School of Sacred Arts, NY. She is a co-founder of The Gabriel Guild, and with the Guild has lectured on and demonstrated manuscript illumination at New York venues including the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum and Cloisters Museum. Her art work has been in exhibitions in Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and are in private collections in New York and Arezzo and Milano, Italy.